El Sindrome de Adan (2021)

El Sindrome de Adan

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Dată lansare (SUA):

31 Decembrie 2021

Dată lansare (Romania):

26 Mai 2022

ZEBEDEO ALCANTARA is a lawyer whom has created a life of power, and professional success throughout his 15 year career. He has always been fearless, ballsy, and often lacking any morals. On a dark day in sunny MIAMI after a routine medical exam, doctors give Zebedeo grim news. They have found an inoperable tumor resting in the base of his brain. His days are numbered. The situation has triggered night terrors rooted in his religious borderline abusive upbringing. The night terrors become more real as his condition worsens quickly. Per Rita's advice, his wife the only way to save his soul from eternal damnation it through confession Looking to avoid impending damnation Zebedeo enters the church to confess his sins. Zebedeo is to grant a good man that happens to be dying 4 wishes, he may not question, benefit, or debate any of these wishes. The recipient of these acts of goodwill must not know the true reason behind his goodness The first the three wishes were no match for the resourceful lawyer. However, wish #4, Gonzalo the benefactor of Zebedeo's goodness has been obsessed with a woman he calls Daphne, a true muse by his description, a virtual goddess. He sees her as the impossible dream. Gonzalo arranges a meeting to show his friend the object of his desire. Zebedeo feels his soul thrown into a meat grinder as he discovers Gonzalo's impossible dream is HIS wife, Rita. Now Zebedeo must make a decision to save his soul or save his wife.


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