Si può essere più bastardi dell'ispettore Cliff? (1973)

Mafia Junction

Acțiune (United Kingdom, Italy)

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Massimo Dallamano, Massimo Dallamano


Massimo Dallamano, Sandy MacRae, Massimo Dallamano, Sandy MacRae


Clodio Cinematografica

Dată lansare (SUA):

5 Martie 1973

Dată lansare (Romania):

27 Octombrie 2021

Undercover cop infiltrates a drug ring that is importing stuff from Lebanon, turns double agent, plays traffickers against corrupt cops, and intends to keep both the money, and the drugs. He also intends to keep the drug ring leader's woman, whom he wooed in the process. A long plan that develops well, in bloodshed and deaths galore until top cop seems to be the sole winner. The unexpected happens then.


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