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Happiness of Us Alone (1961)

Dramă | 15 Ianuarie 1961 ( Japan )

A sympathetic portrayal of the suffering of a deaf couple at the hands of a shell shocked postwar society that treats them like wayward children to be at turns pitied or exploited.

The Naked Seven (1972)

Aventuri , Acțiune | 27 Decembrie 1972 ( Japan )

A gang consisting of seven women roams around the country to steal and resell everything that makes money. When the gang leader falls in love with a samurai and agrees to steal guns for him, he betrays her and soon the women are chased by many enemies.

Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial (2010)

Acțiune , Aventuri , Familie , SF | 23 Decembrie 2010 ( Japan )

When the Menacing Belial resurfaces with an army of powerful combatants in another plot to take over the galaxy, Ultraman Zero begins to build up of a new band of comrades, both human and alien, to defeat Belial again.